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E-mail & Mobile Solutions
There are over 30 Million internet users in the UK alone with e-mail being the most heavily feature of the internet. You can use e-mails to send messages to anyone who is connected to the Internet or connected to a computer network which is connected to the internet.

For business users e-mails have become an all important communication tool. Various devices have been built around accessing e-mails like the BlackBerry and the Windows based PDA's.

Individuals can access their e-mails easily on their PC or PDA or even their mobile phones using simple solutions provided by their mobile phone company or internet service provider.

Business users also need to access their mails and communicate with their colleagues from their PC's, PDA's and Mobiles. This is where they need a more robust and scalable e-mail solution that can meet all the requirements and grow with the company.

E-mail servers like MS Exchange can be used but for a small and medium company there are cost-effective alternatives like VPoP3 which are easy to set-up and modular so it grows with you

We have installed and configured various e-mail solutions based on the clients needs. Most of our client require e-mail solutions that are installed in their premises for added security. For smaller number of users we can set-up e-mail solutions on our servers providing the same security and flexibility.

Visit our case studies section to get an idea of how we have implemented some of the e-mail solutions for our clients.

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