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What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of constructing/modifying a web site or web page so as to improve its placement in the search engines results page. A well optimized page will ensure that it appears higher in the search engine result for specific search terms or keyword or key phrases entered in the search engines.

SEO is not a one time job and your web site has to be constantly looked at and tweaked to ensure it stays listed high on the search engine results page. SEO is not the only way to promote your web site on search engines but its the best long term internet marketing strategy.

How can I find out if my site is optimized?
Search engines visit your web site looking for content. This content is then indexed in the search engines database. The more relevant content there is on your site about your business the better chances your site has of being listed in the search engine results page when some is searching for your business.

To determine if your web site is optimized go to and type your web site address and click on 'View Page'. The result you get is what the search engine will index in its database. If you do not see a lot of text or key words that means that your site is not optimized.

How can 'Good IT' help us with SEO?
Firstly, we will analysis your existing site to determine the following;

1. Your current exposure to the major search engines
2. Your Keyword/phrase performance on the major search engines in relation to your competitions web site
3. Determine issues with your site (content and design) that are road blocks to SEO
4. Short term SEO strategies to implement
5. Long term SEO strategies to implement

We charge £15/- only for the above SEO analysis report which will cover the above topics. Click here to view a Sample SEO Analysis Report

We can also implement the solutions mentioned in the report for a nominal fee. Kindly fill in the form on the left to get an SEO Analysis report of your site.

What is 'Pay Per Click' (PPC) and how can it help my business?
Pay per Click is currently the most effective form of search engine marketing. Pay per click involves you selecting 'Keywords' or 'Key Phrases' that your customers would use to find your business. Once these key words are selected you open an account with either Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter and set-up these keywords and decide the maximum bid for each keyword. Now, every time a potential customer clicks on your advert. based on their keyword search result you will be charged the amount you had bid by the search engines, hence the term 'pay per click'

The idea is to generate maximum traffic to your web site using keyword/phrase search engine marketing and in turn increasing your online sales.

At Good IT, we will help you decide on the most relevant keywords/phrases and help run your search engine marketing campaign. You can start your search engine campaign for as little as £50 per month. The best part of search engine marketing is that you can stop/start/change your campaign at any time depending on the results you get.

Contact us for an analysis of your site and let us help you develop a sound search engine marketing plan.

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