September 14, 2008

Google Operating System

What does one look for in an operating system? Well, in my case I would like one that loads fast, has some cool application pre-installed and costs nothing. Dream on!

I think not. Google is coming close to fulfilling my wish. The new browser 'CHROME' has been designed to work each web site or web application as a new process. This means that if a web page crashes it will not crash the browser but only the tab the web page was open on.

The idea is simple and has huge implications for the PC/Laptop users. As more and more applications are going on-line a browser like chrome can make all the difference for mobile workers.

If we look deeper into Google's treasures we know they already have a very successful e-mail application which also incorporates Google Talk an IM application. Then there is a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications available on-line all packaged under Google Apps. With Google Gears installed the same is available offline.

The other graduates of the Google labs like Google Reader, Notebook, Desktop can all be incorporated into a neat little package.

The only thing missing with Google is a piece of software that can join all these web centric services and be installed as a single entity called an operating system.

Knowing how Google operates I won't be surprised if they are already working on modifying an open source version of Linux to incorporate the above and hopefully many more of their great products into a Google Operating System.

I am looking forward to the day I can install a small and quick OS from Google on my EEE PC which will allow me to access all my web applications without having to bother about software versions, viruses, updates etc. :-)

Check out the Google Chrome comic that explains it all.